How Do You Use A Pregnancy Pillow

Mom Cozy Pumps – What’s the Warranty on a Mom Cozy Pump?

The Mom Cozy Pump is an electric double breast pump with hospital-grade materials and BPA-free suction. It features nine different levels of suction and massages the breasts prior to pumping. This helps you express more milk in less time. The pump comes with an easy-to-use touch screen that displays the working mode, time, battery life, and other important information. The pump is also water-resistant, though normal usage may result in water stains.


The Mom Cozy Pump is a hospital-grade, double electric breast pump. It is made of BPA-free plastic and boasts 9 levels of strong suction. The pump massages and stimulates the breasts before pumping, making it easy to express more milk in less time. Its simple-to-use screen shows the working mode, time, and battery life. The product is easy to clean, and the pump separates the milk storage compartment from the motor part when pouring milk. It is also quiet, producing less than 50 decibels of sound, so it will not disturb your baby while he sleeps.


If your pump breaks down, you’ll be covered under a warranty from the manufacturer, but what about the accessories? You can’t get a Momcozy pump if you bought it from another retailer. The manufacturer’s warranty only covers items purchased directly from Spectra. Most cases, you will need to follow the retailer’s return policy. Some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on the pump, while others don’t offer any warranty at all.

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